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James Bond 007: From Russia With Love

Here's what Chuck Beaver, Producer on EA's "From Russia with Love" had to say about SoftEgg's Tim Trzepacz:

Tim Trzepacz joined our "From Russia With Love" James Bond title at EA's Redwood Shores studio, primarily as a HUD Engineer.    Our systems are extremely cumbersome and delicate to work with.   Senior and seasoned EA engineers routinely trip and inadvertantly introduce build-crashing bugs.   Tim immediately demonstrated superior reliability in this most precious area, checking in good code without bad side-effects.    Tim is extremely seasoned in the field of game engineering, and this experience allowed him to quickly analyze our code and systems and begin contributing strongly immediately.   His meticulous and thorough work ethic allowed us to continue sending more and more complicated problems his way, each successfully completed with only cursory supervision.   Tim was always pleasant to work with, and handled all the back-and-forth requests with professionalism.   We are excited to have had Tim on our team, so that we now have a reliable ace-in-the-hole for when we dig ourselves one.   We look forward to using Tim's services again on future projects.

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love - Title Screen
James Bond 007: From Russia with Love - Credits Screen. SoftEgg is prominently featured