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Who is SoftEgg?


You can't do good work without good people. Fortunately, SoftEgg has some of the best folks you'll find anywhere. Our skilled, highly creative partners have years of experience in all manner of technical disciplines. They work so well together, you'd swear that you were dealing with a single person!

Tim Trzepacz

Tim is the founder of SoftEgg and also the most technical member of the staff. Originally starting SoftEgg to pick up the rights to Princess Maker 2 after the disolution of "Adventions", he worked his way to the top of the console video game industry, starting with Pirate's Gold for Microprose on the Sega Genesis, continuing with localizations of Japanese RPG's on Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation for Working Designs, and eventually programming gameplay for million-selling titles for Insomniac Games.


Timon Marmex

From his pioneering synth work for Hoi Polloi Musitronics in the 1980's, to the White Collar Punk of the 1990's, to the acoustic revival in the new millennium, Timon Marmex has always managed to stay one step ahead of success.

His quirky, independent style has won more than a few fans in the LA acoustic scene, and his melodic 80's style has graced a few industrial videos, including the demo reel for "American Anime".


Tina Belmont

Whether she's keeping everybody in line, or keeping everything on time, Tina does a little bit of everything. From providing graphics support to our web design efforts, to supplying vocals to Timon Marmex's latest effort, to making sure the bills get paid on time, she's always got her hands full. Fortunately, her mind is as organized as her desk is cluttered.