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Professional Experience
2000 – 2001 3DO Redwood City, CA
Software Engineer III - Portal Runner Team Portal Runner Logo Small
I started at 3do as a member of the team for the Playstation One version of Portal Runner, which was to be based on the source code from Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2. My tasks included:
  • Modifications to the camera system.
  • Programming of a shadow system that would allow shadows to conform to the terrain geometry.
  • Implementation of a Windows program (in Borland C++ Builder) to aid the designers in setting attributes and sound effects for terrain tiles.
  • Implementation of the Texter program for Windows, written with Visual Studio and MFC, to allow creation of font and formatted (WYSIWYG) text data with an eye toward easing future localizations.
  • Design and programming of a text engine that would work with the formatted data, and integration of this engine with the already existing Sarge 2 codebase.
  • Implementation of all game menus and necessary support code.
  • Programming to add all cheat codes.
  • Creation of an endurance testing mode using semi-random simulated pad input.

Part way through that project, we merged the PS1 and PS2 teams, and then eventually the PS1 project was cancelled. My tasks for the PS2 project included:

  • Reimplementation of the Texter font and text program for the creation of PS2 fonts and data.
  • Reimplementation of my text engine on the Playstation 2 and the addition of special features to take advantage of the PS2 hardware, including animated text effects, scaling, and GS features like bilinear filtering, fractional pixels, and alpha channel.
  • Implementation of all game menus with additional PS2 features, such as animated 3d objects and particle effects.
  • Porting of my cheat code and endurance mode from PS1 to PS2.
  • Reimplementing portions of the data path to use compressed data files.

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