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Jack! Tile and Sprite Ripper for GBA

Greetings GBA developers.

"Jack" is a new, hopefully useful, windows program for converting images into tile and sprite data for the GameBoy Advance. It handles 16 and 256 color data, and can convert a single bitmap of grid aligned sprite images into multiple  sprites.

Using Jack is easy!

  1. Select "New" from the "File" menu and tell Jack how many colors and whether you are ripping a map or sprites.
  2. Select "Rip" from the "File" menu and select a bitmap file.

Repeat step 2 as necessary to get all of your tiles into RAM, then select "Save" from the "File" menu and select a seperate filename for your graphics data, palette data, and map data.

Currently, the program has the following limitations:

  • Tilemaps are always saved as 64 x 64, in four seperate 32 x 32 maps.
  • `
  • When ripping multiple images, new palettes always overwrite old palettes.
  • When saving color palettes, 256 colors are always saved.
  • Bitmaps must be 4 or 8 bits per pixel (16 or 256 colors).
  • Bitmaps should be aligned to even tile sizes (width and height should be multiples of 8). Other sizes won't cause errors, but the last line on the right or bottom will be repeated to pad tiles out to 8 pixels, which may look strange.
  • Sprites are always allocated in 1D mode.
  • 16 color sprites are not checked for color continuity between sprite tiles.
  • The open option for reading sprite data back in is not yet implemented.
  • When ripping multiple tilemaps, the map data will be overwritten by each successive image because maps are always started at position 0,0. So when ripping multiple maps into one tileset, remember to save your map between each rip.
Sorry for all the limitations, but this IS version 0.1 . It's also free for non-commercial use, although donations would be greatly appreciated. Commercial users should contact me at timon @lanset. com for licensing details. Although the program is free, please don't distribute it, but rather link to the SoftEgg web site at .

Download Jack Release 0.11    November 27th, 2001

Thank you for using Jack.

Revision History:

November 27th - Rebuilt with the libraries included so that people other than me can run it. Sorry about that. Thanks to John B. for reporting the bugs and testing.

GameBoy Advance is undoubtedly copyright and/or trademark of Nintendo, but this software is not licensed, endorsed, or in any way associated with Nintendo. So there.