Nintendo Questions?

I just posted a bunch of questions on Nintendo’s DSi developer forums. I wonder if they still read those?

I asked about opening an office in Japan to sell my software there. I had sent a direct e-mail a few days ago and got no response…

I asked about their recent DLC deal with Gamestop and how to get my product in that.

I asked how I can get my product distributed in Russia, now that they are doing that.

I reiterated my question about building unattended demo stands that never really got answered before.

I’ll give it a day and then start calling them on the phone…

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Questions?”

  1. Got some answers!
    Evidently they are already distributing Rhythm Core Alpha 2 in Russia. Can anybody confirm that?
    There is no way to auto start my program for demo stands.
    They asked to be put in touch with our Japanese speaking people to start the Japan thing.
    Moving forward!

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