Adobe Imageready…. missing in action!

The main SoftEgg web page has not been updated in some time… it works well and there wasn’t really any need. But in order to link this log, I need to add another item to the top navigation bar. Well, that was made in Adobe Imageready… Adobe’s competitor to Macromedia Fireworks, before they bought Macromedia. So now I am fishing around trying to find Imageready on some early Photoshop CDs or some such.

Imageready was a really great tool, letting you design all the rollover states for graphics-based buttons and slices for cutting up borders for websites and etc. Since I prefer to do liquid layouts that conform to browser page size rather than force text into a column in the middle, that is useful stuff!

Unfortunately, Fireworks was the more popular tool, and when Adobe bought Macromedia, Imageready was scrapped and NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN! Which is too bad, because if was completely superior to Fireworks except in one department: Fireworks could properly write an 8-bit transparent PNG file.

So, anyway, I have to go find my old copy of Imageready so that I can add one menu item to the SoftEgg website. C’est la vie.

One thought on “Adobe Imageready…. missing in action!”

  1. Couldn’t find Imageready. Ended up faking it in Fireworks, which has similar functionality, but won’t import what I already did. It doesn’t really match the rest of the background properly, does it? Well, I guess it will do for now.

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